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How to Order?

How to Order?


We make it easy to order your Contact Lens

1. We will need a copy of your prescription to complete your order. You may scan it and send it to

2. Shipping is FREE in the United States

3. Enter Payment Information and your order should be on its way within 24 hours!

Here at Clearview Contacts, we accept all major credit cards and Paypal, and we also take insurance and FSA credit cards. Create an account to make the process easy when you return or you may order as a guest.

We are a family-owned business and are here to assist you at anytime. Please call us personally on our cell phone 270-556-0100 if you need assistance.
Thank you,

Dorothy and The ClearviewContacts Team



Clearview Contacts is an out-of-network provider for most major insurance plans. Place your order, download the claim form and submit the form and your receipt to your insurance company. 



1.   In the first column of your prescription you will find abbreviations that stand for right or left eye.. The Ocular Dexter (O.D.) is your right eye, and Ocular Sinister (O.S.) is your left eye. You may see initials like OU for both eyes or RE and LE for right eye and left eye.

2.  The sphere or power for your lenses are found next.  This is a number between +20.0 and -20.0. For those with a plus, the closer the lens is to the eye makes the lens weaker for the wearer. If you have a negative number, the closer the lens is to the eye, the stronger the lens is.

3.  The base curve (B.C. or B.C.R) is the inside curve measurement of your lenses.  Some brands offer only one base curve size, which is more common among brands of soft contact lenses. People who wear hard contact lenses need more choices when it comes to base curve sizes, because of the inflexible, rigid nature of these lenses. The base curve is a number from 8.0 to 10.0 on your prescription.

4. The diameter of the lens will be your last number. When you blink your eyes, your contact lenses move over the limbus, which is the part of your eye where the cornea meets the sclera. This is a seamless transition for most of those who wear soft contact lenses. For those who wear hard contact lenses, it is irritating and uncomfortable. The diameter is a number between 13.0 and 15.0.

5. Wear Toric Lenses?  Wearers with astigmatism may have additional columns on their prescription, with two numbers separated by an X. The cylinder should be a number between +4.00 and -4.00; this indicates the strength of your astigmatism. Those with severe astigmatism will have higher or lower cylinder numbers, which fluctuate over time as new technology breeds new products. The axis is a number between 0 and 180, and represents the orientation of your astigmatism.