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Now what do I do with these Contacts?

Contact lenses are the number one choice for many people with vision correction needs.  For many, contact lenses provide flexibility and convenience. There are many different lenses available for a variety of needs and preferences.

Contact lenses can be used to correct a variety of vision disorders such as

  • Myopia (nearsightedness),
  • Hyperopia (farsightedness),
  • Astigmatism, and
  • Presbyopia (poor focusing with reading material and other near vision tasks).

You can buy contact lenses only if you have a current, valid prescription.

Tips to care for your Contacts:

  • Follow recommended wearing schedule.
  • Do not substitute sterile saline solutions for multi-purpose solutions.
  • Rub and rinse your contact lenses as directed by your eye care professional.
  • Always discard all of the leftover contact lens solution after each use. Never reuse any lens solution.
  • Clean, rinse and air-dry your lens case each time lenses are removed.
  • Do not expose your contact lenses to any water: tap, bottled, distilled, lake water.
  • Contact your eye care professional if you experience any symptoms of eye irritation or infection.

Feel free to contact us here at  at 270-556-0100 for any questions you may have regarding your contacts!